Commuters anger at rail fare increases

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With many set to return to work today commuters are expected to be hit hard by the increase in rail travel.

Prices for 12-month passes have risen by 2.5% since last year, with the national average season ticket price to London increasing to £4889.

Hastings has fared a little better compared to the national average, a 2.1% increase means that the average commuter will be spending £139 more than the previous year.

East Sussex neighbours, Brighton, face a rise of £127 a year but keep one of the lowest annual season ticket prices in the area at just £3767.

A protest is set to be held later on today at Brighton train station, with Green party MP Caroline Lucas expected to join the campaign for a publicly owned rail network.

Some rail users took to twitter to express their opinions: 


A spokesperson for Southern railway said: “The rail increase this year are the lowest in five years and the rises are in line with inflation”.

Southern also went on to state that from the period January 2014 to December 2014 89% of trains arrived on time. 




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