Were ‘The Sex Pistols’ really what everyone thought they’d be?

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Articles and flyers Barry Taylor gave to me (Monique Chambers) (photo: Monique Chambers)
Articles and flyers Barry Taylor gave to me (Monique Chambers)



Traditional British piers aren’t all about slot machines, candy floss and kiss me quick hats. In fact Hastings pier was once host to some of the greatest names in music history Let’s take just two, spanning more than two decades…Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Sex Pistols.


The Sex Pistols are a hugely known punk rock band amongst many different generations. Emerging from the 70’s with hit singles such as ‘God save the Queen’ and ‘ Anarchy in the U.K’ the infamous boy band had to start somewhere.


Summer of 75 Hastings pier was described to be a hot British summer with locals still rocking their denim on denim hippy gear.


New to the town music man Barry Taylor was itching to get his hands on a new project, little did he know at the time it would be such a memorable moment.

Barry Taylor booked the infamous band ‘’The Sex Pistols’’ as a supporting act for The Clash, the pistols at that time was a name buzzing around London town, but without hearing the band play before Barry took the opportunity to book them.


“They were like Martians” he said in an exclusive interview, no one really seemed interested in hearing them play they were more interested in drinks at the ballroom bar and figuring out this new image, of safety pins and ripped tartan completed with leather.


And the strumming started, Hastings crowed was welcomed into the error of punk rock under the British sun, but uncertain to the sound locals slowly supported the now rock legends The Sex Pistols. 

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