Battle of the piers

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Hastings Pier (photo: University of Brighton)
Hastings Pier

The Heritage Lottery Fund donated £11.4m of the £13.9m needed for the project in 2012; the rest came from the Council and the Coastal Communities Fund.

A third of Eastbourne Pier burnt down in the summer of 2014 and most of the damage was located in the arcade.

Two days after the fire, Prime Minister David Cameron visited the ruins and donated £2m for the reconstruction.

Despite the donation, Eastbourne Cllr. David Tutt said that they “have not yet received it.”

Faced with the difference between the two piers, Cllr. Peter Chowney who is the head of regeneration in Hastings had this to say:

“Eastbourne didn’t even put a bid in, the Prime minister just swarmed in and gave them 2 million quid out of the coastal communities fund.

“Presumably someone else who applied for the money didn’t get it because it was redirected to Eastbourne.”

He went on to explain the “complications” Hastings had to sort through in order to successfully receive funding.

Hastings is one of the most deprived seaside towns in the Southeast and has suffered a 6.4% cut in their spending power for this year.

Cllr. Peter Chowney said: “Hastings has the money to “rebuild the pier, but not the money to maintain it.”





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