Pop-up shops in Hastings set to bring a new experience to local shoppers

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Pop-up Shops (photo: Megan Bilsby)
Pop-up Shops

From cakes, cheese and bread to clothes, jewellery and crafts; these are just some of the produce being sold on pop-up stalls enticing tourists and our local shoppers into the town centre.


Local shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in what pop-up shops have to offer, with purchases increasingly growing, helping these small businesses keep up with the high-street shops.


According to EE, Pop-up retailing produced £2.1 billion in turnover in the past year. The sector is expected to grow by 8.4% in the next 12 months and the rate of growth is expected to be almost 2.5 times higher. The average shopper, spent £110 pounds, visiting pop-up shops, in the last 12 months, and there are currently 9,400 pop-up shops across the UK employing roughly 23,400 people.


The Borough Market which opened last August, visits Hasting’s cobbled path every weekend to encourage both local consumers and tourists to visit the area; bringing much-needed revenue and popularity to the sunny seaside towns.


Valentine Rigby, who makes her own jewellery which she displays and sells in her stall, says she enjoys showing the public what she can create.

I think this market is a brilliant idea for local retailers to showcase what they can create. All kinds of people purchase items here, things you can’t buy in the high-street stores.


However despite the economic growth opportunities the market is bringing to Hastings, many shoppers are struggling to be attracted to what the stalls have to offer, leaving them no choice but to stick to the high-street stores.


 Tracee Walsh, 36, a regular shopper in Hastings believes that the pop-up shops could be even more successful.

I do browse around the market when I go shopping, but I rarely buy anything. I would purchase more often if the stalls accepted debit or credit card, instead of cash only.


Luke Johnson, a member of the Borough Market team, says the team are doing their best to increase the attraction of the pop-up shops, by moving the market around East-Sussex.

This market also appears in Eastbourne on alternate days increasing the retailer’s revenue even more,” he says. “We are working with the pop-up shops to help them find the ideal locations to set up their store and securing the right lease length at a price suitable for the retailers. The market is a huge success and the stalls are not run for profit. It’s about making the towns livelier, we don’t want Eastbourne and Hastings to become just another unexciting, dead-beat town.


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