Growing number of 'Chubby' kids Does Hasting harbour overweight kids?

Published on by Rachel Mckenzie (author)

Location(s): Hastings, Hastings

kid eating ice cream (photo: Rachel Mckenzie)
kid eating ice cream

The words “chubby toddler” sometimes gets thrown at kids when parents are in denial about their child’s weight.  However studies by the Health and social care information centre England have shown that there is not a decrease in obese children aged 6-11. In fact the increase is higher than the statistics taken in 2012/13, where child obesity was already a high 18.9%.

So what are the statistics in Hastings local town?

Health is a growing problem in Hastings. According to A report published by the public health association it is generally worse than England and is a haven to 21% of year six children who are classed as obese. A medical explanation as to how obesity is caused is as follows:

“Obesity occurs when energy intakes from food and drink consumption is greater than energy expenditure through the body metabolism.”

On sunny days or weekends the town center caters to the popular dietary trend of eating out with the kids. This generally means that the food that is consumed is not only more expensive but also higher in calories and unwanted fats. Although Hastings town centre is only home to 2 of the big franchise fast food stores; McDonalds and KFC (which are a common popular attraction to kids.) The seafront on the other hand harbours numerous ice cream parlours and is not shy of greasy fish and chips.

Obesity costs the NHS over £1bn a year and the National Planning Policy Framework makes it clear that local authorities have a range of legislative policies and a responsibility to promote healthy living communities when it comes to town infrastructure.  Hastings Borough Council however is not to be condemned.  The borough are working in association with Active Hastings and since the 13th of April numerous amount of in-expensive child and adult sport activities have been taking place in leisure centres over the borough.

Local personal trainer, fitness nutritionist and mother Lisa who works in The Falaise Fitness Centre talked about to importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

“Generally if parents can lead by example and implement healthy eating into their diet it makes it easier for their children live a healthy lifestyle too.  Simple choice like fruit and vegetables over high in calories foods like; cookies or chocolate snacks will help avoid the major health risks that unfortunately follow with child obesity.” 

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