Election Count Night Story

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Location(s): Hastings

Topic(s): Local Politics, National Politics

On 7 May, churches, school halls, and back rooms of community centers were turned into polling stations, staffed by council workers and volunteers. Situated in the constituency of Hastings and Rye, in a sports center, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of politics and interviewing candidates and party leaders.


Election Count Night 2015

Election Count Night 2015


It has turned out to be the most exciting general election night in years, at the beginning of the night, before counting got under way, exit polls came in suggesting a win for the Conservative party and the SNP overtaking the Liberal Democrats to become Britain’s third largest group.


Election Count Night 2015

Election Count Night 2015


Election Count Night 2015

Election Count Night 2015


Mr Andrew Michael, former Gogglebox member and UKIP candidate MP stated that “The United Kingdom Independence Party is very pro the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union, because we are very much against the development of the united states of Europe, we are very much in favor of moderating immigration and reducing taxation”.

Peter Pragnoll, Conservative party representative said “Today feels good, I’m quietly, cautiously optimistic, its looking moderately encouraging, the exit polls nationally are very good”.


The Conservatives were close to securing half of the total vote in the South East.


Labour and UKIP were second and third, with both polling about 20%.


“We know its close, it’s a two horse race between Labour and Conservatives” – Peter Chowney, Labour party Representative.


The South East concluded with the Conservatives dominating the county's council elections. In Hastings and Rye, Conservative representative, Amber Rudd maintains her seat with the majority of 9.42% of votes in the constituency. 

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