Brighton city council to discuss controversial taxi app

Published on by Catherine Delves (author), Grainne Connolly (author)


Brighton and Hove council meet today to consider Uber’s application for a licence in the city.


The mobile app was founded six years ago in San-Fransico and allows users to connect with drivers using GPS technology. Since submitting their request to Brighton seven months ago, Uber has seen over 85,000 people download and open the app.


Residents of the city have divided opinions; Councillor Mary Mears claims there are “serious concerns” with Uber, whilst Darren Fell – who’s accounting firm works with Uber drivers – states “the council would be out of their minds to consider banning it”.


In Brighton, objections were raised regarding the safety of passengers and wheelchair access availability. City Cabs driver Neil Parkin has said Uber have no wheelchair accessible vehicles and for years the government has been telling City Cabs they are required to have them.


Although City Cabs argues Uber will cause job losses, Darren Fell insists that it will create more. There are already 15,000 Uber drivers in the country and the app has been seen to create thousands of business owners.

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