Residents call for Amber Rudd to stop tax cuts.

Published on by Oli Birch (author), Daniel King (author)

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A petition demanding the parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye, Amber Rudd, to stop cuts to tax credits has gained over 450 signatures from local residents.

Rudd, also the Conservative government’s Energy Secretary, is being called on by Hastings residents to join a number of Tory politicians in opposing George Osborne’s plans to cut tax credits for millions working class families in the UK.

The move, which will come into effect in April, would see tax credits falling from £6,420 to £3,850, leaving a large hole in the household income of a significant number of people.

And whilst the government suggests the proposed increase to the national minimum wage will supplement these tax credit cuts, a number of experts say this will fail to cover the difference.

The petition has also attracted signees from all across the UK, with almost 140,000 people concurring in their opposition to the planned changes.

And Amy Lockwood, the woman behind the campaign by 38 Degrees, believes Amber Rudd has a duty to her constituents.

“People in Hastings and Rye are waiting for their MP to stand up for local working families.

“Osborne’s plans will simply punish people on low wages who work hard, but still don’t have enough to make ends meet. How would Amber Rudd be able to look a constituent in the eye after these cuts?”

The topic is set for debate on Tuesday 20th October in the House of Commons, after Labour challenged Tory MP’s to join them in opposing the cuts. 

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