Potential Social Service Funding Cuts for the Vulnerable

Published on by Aimee Carney (author), Megan Reeves (author)

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Concerned campaigners about the future welfare of vulnerable young people and the elderly are questioning the council in Hastings, after news that there could be a £40 million pound cut to local services that they utilise.

Despite rising demand driven by the local area, fewer people will qualify for state-funded care while those who continue to receive a service may have to accept lower levels of support and a worse quality of life.


The Student Services department at the University of Brighton in Hastings have voiced their worries surrounding the issue, explaining that if the government decide to reduce the help available to their students, they may not be able to provide enough help for them to be satisfied.

(One building where the students concerned
about the cuts spend their time studying.) 

Cuts to Adult Social Services will mean more pressure for the NHS, as they have contributed a large part to the local community as a valued part of society. Dementia patients, the homeless, women suffering domestic abuse and people struggling with a mental illness are only some of the people who will be affected by the cuts.

However, the council have stated that all adult social care support is required by law to provide, and continue to meet the needs of all people who are eligible for care.

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