The Crypt reincarnated

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The crypt

With 30 successful years standing at the forefront of Hastings music scene, The Crypt is being reincarnated.


Since its closure in 2011, we saw a new club take its place in 2013, West Exit who quickly closed its doors a year later.


Events Manager, Mike Raxworthy explained the evolution of The Crypt, “It’s not a lot different. It was famous for live music years ago, big bands, small bands, all sorts of bands, and it is just what I am trying to recreate.”


This Halloween we saw The Crypt’s most successful event since it’s reopening with four piece band Kid Kapichi headlining with supporting act Nova Twins.


Named as one of the biggest bands to come from Hastings, in this generation, Kid Kapichi smashed the granny out of Halloween, as lead singer Ben Beetham would say. Alongside Jack Wilson, lead singer and guitarist, drummer George Macdonald and its newest member, bassist Eddie Lewis.


The band draws a hefty crowd wherever they perform, fogging glasses with their eclectic sound that combines indie and metal creating an array of catchy songs from the upbeat She Kicks Off to the more spooky Murder on George Street.


“I think they are exciting, they’re tight, they are original and I think in a couple of years we’ll be paying £80 to see them at the O2,” says Mike.


Success does not come easy but with drive and talent mixed with a hint of charm, you may one day grace the stage of the ever changing music venue, The Crypt.

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