Prominent Broadcaster could be facing cancellation over criticism of Tory MP

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author)


The Daily Mail has slammed popular UK broadcaster ‘BBN’ over alleged bias against Conservative MP and Energy Secretary Amber Crudd.

The MP, who was approached by her constituents regarding tampon tax at one of her weekly surgeries faced harsh commentary by constituent Khari Miller, who claims she was let down by the party she voted for in May.

“I work bloody hard for my tampons and still can’t afford my weekly supply!”, she said.



According to the broadcaster, cuts implemented by the Tory government have lead to thousands of women unable to pay for simple necessities time and time again.

The show, which is usually comprised of a 30 minute daily news segment may now ‘face imminent cancellation’, its editor announced yesterday. According to sources, the stance the show took became increasingly satirical over the past weeks, leading to harsh commentary and complaints pouring in every week by viewers.

In spite of shows coming under fire quite regularly for their produced content, the editor of BBNs' 'Big Bullshit News' affirmed that this was the ‘last straw’ for the news-show.

On her vote to keep the tampon tax, Amber Crudd said: “People need to realise that a strong economy is only forged by long-term economic planning”. She affirmed that over the years, this would guarantee a stronger economy for her constituents, and stood by her opinion.

The Daily Mail commentator who investigated this story claimed: "BBN has cut its ties with broadcasters across the UK. They have lost credibility and will be facing backlash over their broadcast of Amber Crudd." 

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