Christmas debt for parents in East Sussex

Published on by Eden Olivia Lord (author), Annabel Gammack (author)

Shopping sales in Priory (photo: )
Shopping sales in Priory

More than half of parents in the South East are struggling financially with the stress and pressures of Christmas.



57 per cent of those polled revealed they have previously cut back on spending money on themselves and instead prioritise Christmas and birthday presents for their children, says national charity Action for Children.


The charity is warning that people are spending more than ever this Christmas. With bargains in most shops and Black Friday turning into Cyber Monday, Amazon announced that it received orders for 7.4 million items over the weekend. Experts have said that more than a third (36 per cent) of parents regularly struggle to make their money last to the end of the month, making it extremely difficult especially during the festive season.


Action for Children has warned that:


“So many of the region’s parents already struggle to make their money last with everyday living costs, Christmas can spark a crisis of stress, bills and debt… Many parents face these challenges simply because they have so little income. The Government must consider the importance of family income and how to maintain it in the wider economic environment.”


The UK charity provides access to money advice and classes at many of its 200 children’s centres in England. 

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