Trips of a lifetime becoming nightmares

Published on by Annabel Gammack (author), Chloe Garnham (author)

The number of British tourists killed in Thailand has reportedly soared by 50%, statistics from TravelMole have shown, alcohol and sex with prostitutes being amongst the main causes. 

A total of 150 holidaymakers died in the country last year, says a report from The Sun, a fifth of that number having died in the Thai resort of Pattaya, famous for its strip clubs and sex bars. Amongst this are David Miller and Hannah Witheridge, who were murdered on the island of Koh Tao in September of 2014. Echoing this is the bereavement of Naami Keyghobadi, aged 28, who died after falling from a balcony in Pattaya last month, with four transgender women being arrested in connection with the death. More recently, 27-year-old Luke Miller from the Isle of Wight was found dead in the pool of the hotel last Friday in Thailand after telling his family and friends that he was ‘living the dream’.

However, unfortunately, this is an issue outside of Thailand as well. Zoe Woolmer, 23, died in Australia after being encouraged by tour guides to take a photo by a cliff, moments before falling from the edge. A Brit in his 20’s, who is yet to be identified, died in New Zealand while kayaking after a sudden change in weather. 

The prospect of travelling abroad inspires many, “the biggest issues with safety is trusting the people you’re there with,” says Hope Smyth, a student taking a gap year to go travelling in Australia. “There’s an app called ‘Couch Surfing’ which provides free accommodation for backpackers at random members’ houses… People have had some pretty creepy experiences as you can imagine! It’s definitely not something I would do alone”.


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