Golden Globes

Published on by Grainne Connolly (author), Catherine Delves (author)

Last night in Beverley Hills, the annual Golden Globe awards took place.

As expected, there were many celebrities who looked stunning in their designer gowns as they walked the red carpet.

Amongst all the glitz and glamour this year, there were many obscenities at the 73rd Golden Globe awards.

Jonah Hill took to the stage with a bear hat on his head and said “I’m a bear and honey is f***ing delicious”.

He wasn’t the only A-Lister to swear on stage as Amy Schumer uttered the C-word after only minutes of being on stage and Jamie Alexander shouted the word ‘s**t” while presenting an award.

However the celebrities did not have much to follow as they’re host Ricky Gervais was casually dropping in swear words whilst presenting, and caused quite a stir with some of his controversial jokes.

It has been said that more than 7,500 glasses of champagne were poured throughout the night, perhaps this would be to blame for some of this year’s vulgar behaviour. 

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