Drug Usage Rife Amongst Sussex Students

Published on by Holly Doran (author)


Students at Brighton and Sussex universities are among the highest drug takers in the country, according to a national survey.


Sussex universities came third on the list with 80% of the students having admitted to experimenting with recreational drugs. Coming top in the survey was the University of Manchester with 85% , and placing second with 82% was the university of Leeds, who took last years top place. The University of Manchester also had the highest number of students who had tried Cocaine, MDMA and Ketamine.


Students studying Art History were found to be most experimental with their drug use during their university careers, closely followed by students of art, business and English based courses.


The study uncovered students were four times more likely to have taken Ketamine in the last 12 months, than non-students. 


There seems to be no correlation between students taking drugs and achieving lower grades. The university of Manchester may have the most drug taking students in the UK but it’s also ranked alongside Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford as one of the top 50 performing universities in the world.


Sussex Police informed local students this week that a young person has died after using a substance that was sold as cocaine, but was in fact mixed with white heroin. Police have described this mixture as highly dangerous and has warned local residents to be more aware of the deadly batch currently in circulation in the local area. 

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