"Friends United, what's that?" says 21st century social media user

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The UK’s first popular social networking site, Friends Reunited, is set to close down after not having enough users. Launched in 2000, it was once one of the UK’s most used social networking site after gaining more than 15 million users at its peak. With the rise of social media apps and websites taking over the lives of the younger generation, sadly Friends Reunited have been pushed to the background. Despite it being sold to ITV for 175 million in 2005, the website still faced a major decline as they couldn’t keep up with major competitors. The once social media site has been said that it couldn’t compete with the likes of Facebook, which have 1 billion daily users worldwide. 


“Social media is taking over and it’s making us lazier” says social media user Rachael Kamara. Unfortunately, younger people don’t know other forms of communication as this is the generation they were bought up in”. 

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