Hastings 'White Rock Theatre' resists rise in ticket price

Published on by Daniel King (author)

Recent figures released by UK Theatre showed that ticket prices had increased by over 5% across the country, with venues seeking to make up for cuts to their government and council funding.

But Lorna Hollister, who’s in charge of creative output at the Hastings-based theatre, says this is not true of the White Rock and they don’t expect any dramatic changes to take place this year.

‘Our ticket prices have not increased noticeably at all. Hastings Council have a contract in place with our operators, HQ Theatres, and the financial arrangements remain unchanged. We’re one of the theatres that buck that particular trend.’

The report was the first time comprehensive figures for ticket sales across the country had been compiled and President of UK Theatre, Rachel Tackley, suggested that, as a result, theatres may be more inclined to book shows which guarantee sales rather than necessarily guaranteeing quality.

But Ms Hollister was quick to rebuff this claim, telling us that their priority will always be to fulfil the demands of their audience.

‘There are no such things as guaranteed sales. The White Rock Theatre’s programming strategy remains to present the broadest possible range of quality, accessible and popular entertainment, music and community events.’

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