Brighton Student's Union sees red over green paper.

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Students give their opinions of The Green Paper. (photo: )
Students give their opinions of The Green Paper.

Brighton Student’s Union have released their official response to the government’s proposal to make significant changes to higher education.

Despite claims from the government that alterations will serve to ‘increase access and success to higher education for those from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups’; in their retort to the green paper, the Union outlined their concern that the opposite was the case:

“We believe the proposals outlined WILL have a significant detrimental impact on a number of student groups and do not extend equality of opportunity to access and participate in higher education. Specifically this relates to BME and mature learners as well as those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds”.

 The union’s official response continued: “In addressing this issue there is no mention of the need for BME role models and voices in the curriculum. We believe BME attainment in higher education is better served when there is proportionate representation of BME academics in senior leadership positions exemplifying BME academic aspiration and success. “

The Green Paper also includes the highly controversial teaching excellence framework, which critics have cited as the start on the path to uncapped fees: “The proposed linkage of the TEF with fees, fundamentally undermines the nature and ethics of HE.”

Academics, University and College Unions and Alumni alike have been using the Hashtag #TEFOff on twitter to express their discontent with the proposals. 

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