Dry Jan: A Wet Disaster

Published on by William Dyet (author)

The Dry January game changer. (photo: )
The Dry January game changer.

While the country may be facing the wet conditions, something that isn’t so dry is this month is Dry January, a one month alcohol abstinence campaign to improve the health of the country. In a recent survey by Haggerston-based DesignMyNight Bars are enjoying an unusually strong January with bookings up by 60% compared to last year.

As well as an increase and obvious boycott to the campaign, has there even been enough awareness of it?

The Dry January campaign estimates that more than two million people “cut down their drinking” for January last year, this new kick-starting job Ian Hamilton, a lecturer at York University, is concerned by a lack of evidence that such campaigns work. He says it is not clear who Dry January is targeting. Trying to communicate a message about alcohol to the over 65s at the same time as the under 25s “risks the message not being heard, as the way these groups use alcohol is likely to be different.”

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