7 homes evacuated after deadly lightning storm

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Paul Balch, fire fighter at the Bohemia road community station, is an experienced man with the weather. In an interview with year 3 multi-media broadcast journalism student Will Dyett, Mr Balch talked about the history of such storms hitting, with unjustifiable cuts to a service in such hot demand this time of the year.


Mr Balch explained: “We’re experiencing a lot of cut backs at the moment. Winter’s a time of year where we’re mainly concerned with the rescue aspect of our jobs; people need us, as Hastings is situated on an open channel, subject to the worst possible weather at times.”


While the recent events in Eastbourne may have indicated a case of sincere misfortunate, Mr Balch did explain what one could do to help reduce the damaging effects caused by adverse weather. “Having an electrician round to earth all home appliances really does help. 


A lightning strike causes a lot of structural damage from the outside, so there isn’t much one can do there. However, ensuring safety from within the inside is important, and something we can do about .”


The Met office have released a severe cold weather morning for this week, with those facing the cold to wrap up warm. 

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