Police staff at Lewes flea to safety after inmate riot incident.

Published on by Emma McGrievy (author), Rebecca Wheeler (writer)

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Lewes HMS Prison  (photo: )
Lewes HMS Prison

An incident involving inmates at HM Prison Lewes forced police staff to retreat to safety according to the Prison Officers Association.

Prisoners are back in their cells today after police ‘lost control’ of a wing in Lewes at the weekend.

The incident resulted in property being damaged including cells and offices and lead to police staff retreating to safety. The disturbance took place mid-morning on Saturday and was brought to an end by a national response unit. It has been reported that the incident started at 10:30 am and ended at 4:30pm. It is believed that poor management and a severe shortage of staff are to blame for the outburst, with only four members of staff present in the wing at the time.

All staff successfully retreated to safety after receiving threats of violence and all prisoners involved in the incident were taken to a segregation unit.

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