The Haunted History of Hastings

Published on by Emma McGrievy (author), Reece Webb (writer), Jimmy Sexton (writer)

Location(s): The Anchor Inn

Topic(s): Local News

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The history of Hastings is a long and troubled one, with more than a few ghostly skeletons haunting its closet.


Over the centuries, stories of ghostly nuns and the spirits of smugglers have been whispered through time, roaming the many pubs and historic sites of the seaside town, stories that some say may be more fact than fiction.

 Voted one of the most haunted towns in the country by English Heritage, Hastings is said to be home to a plethora of spirits that stalk the old town.

 One of the most infamous being the phantom rumoured to haunt the Anchor Inn on George Street, the oldest pub in Hastings’ old town.

 Legend says the spirit was a high seas smuggler, sentenced to hang for his crimes.

 Victoria Shepherd, Bartender at the Anchor Inn, spoke about the paranormal experiences she has been spooked by at the historic pub. ‘Things come flying off the bar, if you’re down in the cellar by yourself, you can hear footsteps walking around in the bar, it can be pretty scary.’

Other staff including former bartender and Anchor Inn regular Pete Smith ‘When I locked up, there was someone standing by the wall and I asked them to leave. But when I went down there the door was locked, there was nobody there but the floor was damp where he stood. There’s nothing harmful about them, they just mess about really.’   

 Many have claimed to have seen spirits in Hastings throughout the years, so maybe you too will be visited by one yourself on this All Hallows Eve… 



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