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The 1066 Target Sports centre

Published on by Emma McGrievy (author), Sofi Germanos (writer), Sylvia Kusnierz (writer)

 (photo: )

The 1066 Target Sports centre has been transformed into a horror maze.

Clowning Around: Unwelcome Visitor In Train Stations Signal Box

Published on by Holly Doran (author)

Usually its a fallen tree or flooding on the tracks, but this morning South Eastern commuters were left red nosed with their excuses as to why they were late this morning...

Are Men and Women Represented Differently in Art Forms?

Published on by Jenny Fielding (author)

Jerwood Gallery (photo: Jenny Fielding)

Jerwood Gallery

A look at the public’s views on the gender representation displayed in the nude art being exhibited at the Jerwood Gallery and are women being presented as being more elegant than men?

Student DJs Switched Off at Brass Monkey

Published on by Sadie Smith (author)

Student DJs were stopped from playing on Wednesday at a Hastings bar after being told that their music was ‘driving customers away’.

Young rock bands in Hastings encouraged to enter festival

Published on by Annabelle Monks (author)

Hastings Music Festival (photo: )

Hastings Music Festival

Rock bands in Hastings are being urged to enter the town’s upcoming music festival Rockfest.