Sussex Policed used ‘cruel’ spit hoods 295 times

Published on by Sofi Germanos (editor), Reece Webb (author)

Location(s): Hastings

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Police van

New statistics from the BBC reveal that Sussex Police have used controversial spit hoods in 295 incidents since 2015, with them being described by campaign group Liberty as ‘cruel and degrading’.

What is a spit hood?  

A spit hood is a mesh hood that covers the entire head of a suspect to stop them from biting or spitting on officers and members of the public. A freedom of information request showed that 1 in 3 police forces across the UK use them, with trials by the Met Police set to be carried out over the winter. Their usage has been mired in controversy, being described by the campaign group liberty as ‘cruel and degrading’.

IPCC ‘satisfied’ with officers

Sussex Police came under fire at the conclusion of an investigation in June this year for their use of a spit hood on a 11 year old girl who suffers with mental issues in 2012. However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)  said they were 'satisfied several officers were given "management advice and training"' in an incident involving the use of a spit hood on an 11 year old girl. 

Sussex Police were contacted for comment, but have not responded

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