Storm Angus Hits Hastings

Published on by Sylvia Kusnierz (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

Location(s): Hastings

aftermath of storm Angus,broken fence (photo: Sylvia Kusnierz)
aftermath of storm Angus,broken fence

The Met Office has released an amber weather warning, following severe winds in Sussex, in the early hours of Sunday morning. Winds of up to 80mph have been causing disruption along the coast, with more severe winds forecast for the rest of the week.

Emergency services were called to a number of incidents, including homes being damaged by strong winds and debris blocking roads.

In St Leonards, the extreme weather caused a tree branch to snap off and fall onto a parked car.

In Bognor Regis, 14 fire engines were called to deal with a major fire on seafront. The strong winds from the storm fanned the flames, causing the fire to escalate. The West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called to a smell of smoke, at 3:47am on Sunday, during the midst of the storm. Although part of the building was derelict, 30 people have been evacuated from adjoining flats.

Firefighters from Bexhill and Hastings have also joined forces to repair the roof of the Bexhill town post office, after damage caused by the storm.

A Hastings man has been taken to hospital, after being hit by a skylight window. The window fell onto the man’s head, after being blown off a roof on King’s Road, by the heavy winds.

Hastings Police are warning residents to be cautious in the extreme weather conditions, having already seen to incidents such as large metal roof sheeting coming loose and trees falling, causing road blockages. 

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