Hastings Worst In Southern England For Alcohol Abuse

Published on by Jimmy Sexton (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

Location(s): Hastings

Life Expectancy (photo: Public Health England)
Life Expectancy

The rain isn’t the only thing slowly drowning Hastings this week. The 2016 figures for alcohol abuse in Hastings have been released and they make for sombre reading.

Public Health England has revealed that Hastings has the highest percentage of intentional self-poisonings and behavioural hospital admissions due to alcohol in the entire south of the country.

National charity the Community Alcohol Partnership praised success in reducing various consequences of alcohol abuse across the country this year, but their Hastings branch is notably absent from their list, despite launching a costly scheme with MP Amber Rudd that was intended to improve education, enforcement and public perception. 

Amber Rudd & C.A.P's 2015 scheme

Amber Rudd & C.A.P's 2015 scheme

Hastings drug and alcohol service, CGL, have seen a 30% increase in patients suffering from alcohol addiction and are pleading for something to be done, but no-one knows what exactly is the solution.

In 2008 East Sussex received more than £700,000 in funding to tackle alcohol abuse. Within three years, it appeared to make a dent in the problem. Since then however, it has escalated, with a 12% increase in the reduction of life expectancy due to alcohol since 2012. Compare that to a 3% increase in Brighton, a city with a plethora of clubs, pubs and students and It simply doesn’t make sense.

it’s looking like the authorities are running out of ideas but here’s hoping that these statistics catalyse some desperate measures

If you suffer from addiction to alcohol, we urge you to contact Hastings drug and alcohol service on 0300 3038 160

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