Hastings Is The New Hip & Cool

Published on by Jonaqline Addai (author)

 (photo: Liyana Farina)

Hastings is undergoing “shoreditchification” and becoming increasingly popular, almost overtaking Brighton and London to take first place on the hipsters ‘must visit’ list.

Situated 85 km from London, the small seaside town is certainly not the most vibrant and culturally diverse. 94% of the town’s population is white British, compared to 45% in London. But this might be about to change. 

In recent years, Hastings has been attracting new artists and exhibitions, as well as inspiring the start- up of local small galleries and café/library.


Ian Land, landscape Photographer and organiser of pop-up exhibitions in quirky places such as; coffee shops and medieval crypts in the old town said: “My Major drive why I moved to Hastings is mainly economic, as soon as I moved here there was something about the place, some sort of magic that I never wanted to leave. The space, the seasons, the sea, the big void, is all art by itself.” 

While Hastings might only now be on the radar of the hipsters wish list, locals believe, the coastal area has always had an identity of its own in the art and culture scene.

Local Hastonian Claire said: “I don’t think Hastings has reached the dizzy heights of Shoreditch yet, but the old town has always had the quirky shops which sells to very specific audiences that you can’t get anywhere, we just have a much more younger and funkier vibe than we used to have.”

While Hastings maintains its traditional image of seaside town, its slowly developing an arty and hipster vibe which is not going unnoticed by art and culture enthusiasts, with some calling it “Shoreditch-on-Sea”.

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