Watch Your Pockets!

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Local police are warning shoppers to keep their personal items close in town.

Department stores are soon to extend their shopping hours as businesses enter the busiest shopping period of the year. But local police are warning people to not forget their personal safety.

A new popup stand has been set up in the town center and local officers are trying to engage the community to be aware of pick pocketing during this festive season.

Police engagement officer Daryl Holter said “The message we are trying to get across to the community is about protecting your personal items such as phones, wallets, purses. It’s all about being aware of the environment you are in and how close you are to people too.”

Local police are advising people to avoid placing phones into back

Pockets and securing valuables after purchases. The initiative is to help people reduce the risk of being targeted by pick pockets during the Christmas shopping period. 

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