Selfies to DIE for

Published on by Sophie Weaver (editor), Jonaqline Addai (writer)

Strike a Pose (photo: Liyana  Farina)
Strike a Pose

Selfies have proven to be quite a risky endeavour, and several people have died while doing that. In recent years, more than 49 people have died over selfie related incidents.

More people are risking their lives for the perfect snap. Like any new trending activity, the art of selfie is not immune to tragedy. “Selfie death” related stories are rapidly becoming the headlines in the news. The average age of victims is between 18 -22 years old.

Selfie Fatalities by Age

Selfie Fatalities by Age

Zoe Thompson, 21-year-old university student said, “I feel like everyone has the pressure to put the best version of themselves forward, that kind of forces you to go to extreme lengths. I have a friend who was sitting on a tall science chair and was taking a selfie. Leaning back for better lighting, she fell off the chair and almost hit her head”.

One would think, women are more avid selfie snappers than men are, but recent research has revealed otherwise. 75% of victims of selfie deaths are male.

Reece Webb said, “I may have spent a little bit too long in front of the camera before and probably spent half an hour to 45 minutes taking a selfie. You try to take as many as possible to get the perfect look".

The hashtag “selfie” is mentioned in 65,000 Facebook posts and 150,000 tweets, and 29 million Instagram posts daily.

With selfie, related incidents rapidly wide spreading, countries such as Russia and India are taking extreme measures to keep people safe. Earlier this year, the city of Mumbai in India imposed no selfie zones after a series of incidents. Russia has set up a safety precaution website offering advice on the do’s and the don’ts of “selfying”.

Selfie Safety Guide

Selfie Safety Guide

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