Published on by Sophie Weaver (editor), Rebecca Wheeler (writer)

Christmas is rapidly approaching and with sparkling lights, Christmas songs everywhere and decorations galore, it’s easy to see why students in Hastings are getting excited for term time to end and the festive season to begin. 

Students at the University of Brighton in Hastings will finish classes this week, which will mark the start of their Christmas holiday. This is a time where many students pack up their room and travel home to spend quality time with family, catch up with friends and take in all the joy Christmas time brings. 

However, recent train strikes have disrupted some student’s holiday plans and forced them to make drastic changes. Third year broadcast journalism student Liyana Farina said “I’m suppose to meet my family in London on Christmas day, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get there because of train strikes”. Liyana’s family will have a fourteen hour flight from Malaysia, but the possibility of not being able to get a train to London worries the whole family. 

This isn’t the first time trains have caused upset to students, many who commute face trouble getting into university every week because of strikes, delays or service errors.

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