Phony Cinderellas and Prince Charmings 

Published on by Jonaqline Addai (author), Liyana Bt Mohamed Zulkifli (author)

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With 1 in 4 relationships now starting online, it seems a simple move like swiping right on your phone could easily lead to finding your true love. Statistics show that 1 in 5 people find love through online dating sites. 


However, the road to finding true love might have a few bumps in it.  A recent survey revealed that an alarming 44% of Brits lie about themselves on their dating profiles.The study also revealed that women lie more on their profiles than men. 




Slyvia Kusniez, an online dating app user said “People may lie because when they are on a website they can be whoever they want. I think it’s harder for people to attract people in person and get the attention that they crave for”.  


Men are not faring any better however, as some men swindle their love interests into a date by lying about their economic status and most of the time photo-shop their pictures to have athletic physiques. 



20-year-old Adam Pearce said “If they go online it means they haven’t found someone in person, so they have to look better than average.”



The most frequent lies are about jobs, money, age and physical appearance. 



All hope is not lost though; it appears that the older people are the least likely to lie about who they are. There is hope after-all that your prince charming or Cinderella might just be a swipe away. 


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