Post Office plans to Axe 37 Offices

Published on by Zoe Thompson (author)

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The Post Office have announced they plan to close 37 Crown offices with the unions saying 300 jobs and 127 specialist roles will be lost.


The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) believe the decision to move branches into local shops is “evidence that the Post Office is in crisis.”


Crown post offices, the larger branches typically found on High Streets, are gradually closing and migrating to smaller locations inside shops such as corner shops and WHSmiths. The Post Office believe consumers habits are changing and they must consider the “high cost of maintaining premises in prime high street locations.”


With around 2000 jobs lost from the beginning of 2016, the CWU chose to protest the franchising with a five-day strike before Christmas. With major concerns about job losses and pension provision it appears the Post Offices’ plans to transfer 61 branches into WHSmith stores are well under way.   


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