2 in 3 Hastings Care Homes in Need of Improvement

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 Investigations of shockingly bad care by the media have created a poor public perception of people who work in Nursing, when, according to those contacted by BBN, it is usually outside influence causing the majority of poor ratings Paul Barron, who works at the ‘Inadequate’ rated Bryher court Nursing home in St. Leonards, is one of the few people contacted that was willing to comment without anonymity.


He quoted under funding for student training in the UK as the problem, which leads to reliance on ‘importing’ workers from India, the Philippines and Africa. However, 'worsening' Uk Government and E.U rules on immigration have made this more and more difficult to the point where they can’t keep up with the rising number of those in need, It is estimated that there will be an extra 1.5 million people that need care by the year 2025, and at this rate, there will be no-one to do the job.


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