Parking meter fares to rise around i360, to residents delight

Published on by Crystalle Cox (author), Lauren Kirkland (photographer)

Brighton & Hove council are set to rise car parking prices up to 25% around the i360 attraction.

Ian Shurrock, in a report to the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee said that a fare increase will aid ‘traffic management’. He went on to state that it will also decrease ‘demand’ for parking spaces which is allow ‘more parking flexibility for residents with a resident permit’ in areas such as Regency Square and Trafalgar Square.

Regency Square resident Alice Barnes said, ‘I am delighted about the fare increases’.

 ‘The i360 is a massive attraction so most of the time I can’t park in this area even though I have a residents permit. Most of the time I have to pay to park so far away which ends up being really expensive’.

 Tariffs are set to rise as much as 50% and non-resident permits will be increased as much as 20% to help control parking demand.




 1 hour


 2 hours


 4 hours


 9 hours


 24 hours/lost ticket


Regency Square parking charges prior to increase, Jan 2017


On the other hand, Regency Square resident Cathy Moss said that parking was not an issue.

‘I moved here in August which was a lot busier but it’s (the parking) has been fine. I’m not sure if that was because of the (i360) opening… but the prices aren’t affecting my own permit so I’m not fussed’.

Most of the city’s other parking spots will remain the same in 2017/2018 for Brighton and Hove councils fourth year of frozen charges.

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