208 arrests in Sussex Drink/Drug Driving Crackdown

Published on by Reece Webb (author)

The roads can be a dangerous place for drivers and pedestrians alike, but with alcohol and drug abuse thrown into the mix, the recipe could be one of disaster.

Sussex Police has revealed they have made 208 arrests in a no-nonsense crackdown on substance abusers behind the wheel.

Superintendent Chris Moon, head of roads policing for Surrey and Sussex warned of the dangers of driving while intoxicated, saying that "The consequences of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs isn’t just a fine or a driving ban. You could lose your job, your family and potentially cause significant injury or even death. I would urge all drivers to think carefully before they get behind the wheel of their car.”

This follows Public Health England revealing that Hastings has the third highest alcohol-related mortality rate in the south east, a chillingly higher rate than cities like Southampton.

More than 70 people were either killed or seriously injured on the roads in Sussex due to drink and drug driving incidents, but with 27 people being convicted for driving under the influence this week, it’s unclear whether the message for Sussex Drivers will really sink in.

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