Internet Craze "Table Breaking" Sees Man Impaled

Published on by Darcey Haynes (writer), Emily Williamson (editor)

2016 witnessed some bizarre internet trends; from the hazardous knife game to the peculiar condom challenge- bored teenagers and social media are frequently proven to be an ill combination. New year calls for a new craze but 2017 is swiftly observing a shift in “entertainment” values; a movement has emerged, and it has taken a deadly turn.

 Current viral trend the Table Breaking Club is sweeping across Facebook and sees young people jumping onto plastic, wooden and glass tables from great heights such as roofs and garden sheds in an attempt to break the object.

 Originating in Australia, the club’s page has been active for nearly a year, recently spiking in popularity after youth radio station Triple J broadcast the group in late December. The Table Breaking Club has snowballed in support to a colossal 50,000 members and is sent up to a staggering 80 videos every day.

 The page administrator, only known as “KZ” says: “It’s becoming a full time gig. We’re currently looking into getting merchandise made”.

 Medical professionals have since slammed the deadly trend, which has seen challengees suffer from broken bones, concussions and in one severe case impaled by a metal table leg.

Many partakers have suffered from injuries.

Many partakers have suffered from injuries.

 Our friends down under may be laying it all on the table, but beware, do NOT try this at home.

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