Student Anxiety Sees Counselling Demands Rise by 10%

Published on by Darcey Haynes (author)

Research conducted by Universities UK mental well-being group has revealed that there is a 10% annual increase in demand for university counselling services. This figure suggests that currently 115,000 university students are seeking help for anxiety and mental health- this demand is expected to rocket surrounding the ongoing assessment period.

Chair of Universities UK mental well-being group, Ruth Caleb says that “there is a cultural change in being a student. She says that there is a stereotype of students as being lazy, “increasing numbers experience anxiety and stress”.

The dramatic increase in tuition fees means that with it student expectation has changed- students expect to have support for emotional and mental problems.

With the increase of social media usage, students often feel they are expected to uphold an online reputation and to be seen as having a good time- contributing to the increase in students suffering from depression and anxiety.


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