Bad Luck or a Load of Muck? Friday the 13th

Published on by Darcey Haynes (editor), Sylvia Kusnierz (author)

Black cats, magpies and broken mirrors – all things many people deem as unlucky. Is there any truth to these superstitions?

According to Kevin Carlyon, the High Priest of the White Witch Order, there is nothing to fear.

 “Friday the thirteenth originates from a mix of belief systems. ‘Friar’ comes from the name of the Norse Goddess, and thirteen is the average number of full moons there are in a year.”

 In fact, Kevin believes that Friday the thirteenth might actually be more lucky than it is unlucky. His own black cat, Dr. Fluff has supposed healing abilities – which definitely sounds like a cat anyone would be lucky to meet.

 Although witches are often associated with evil spells and curses, Kevin says there is nothing to worry about. White witches focus their energies on helping those in need, be it through healing, or simply locating a missing cat.

 Coming from a connoisseur of the supernatural, it seems that the superstition surrounding Friday the thirteenth simply comes from misunderstandings.

 Whilst walking under a ladder may not be the most wise idea, due to basic health and safety, accidentally smashing a mirror should not condemn your love life for seven years. 

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