Veterans not tapping into help given to find jobs.

Published on by Nadine Vieira (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

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The Royal British Legion is a charity that provides financial support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, their families and dependents.

The charity has released figures showing that those who leave the armed forces are twice as likely to be unemployed than civilians. This amounts to around 120,000 veterans who are out of work.

Some men and women join the forces as young as 18 and are often given food and accommodation while in the army and when they leave can sometimes find it difficult to support themselves financially. 

Marc Dolby who was in The Royal Navy for 22 years,  now works for the Royal British Legion. He said  "There are tonnes of training, workshops, advice centres, whatever you need to transition outside the military. You just gotta tap into that." He suggested that former service men and women should take advantage of the help and support available before they leave the armed forces.

There are organisations that back up his advice such as UK Army who have details about the options available on their website. 

However, despite the help and training available the statistics show that there is still not enough being done to help veterans get the jobs they need to support their life outside the military. 


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