Winkle Club to Give Local Causes Bigger Grants

Published on by Reece Webb (author)

The Old Town charity, the Winkle Club has seen an unexpected rise in donations over 2016, meaning larger grants for local causes in Hastings.

The look of Hastings old town may have changed drastically since 1900, but the mission of one local charity has certainly stood the test of time. 


 The Winkle Club experienced one of its most successful fund-raising years in 2016, allowing it to offer more grants to local causes in 2017.

Richard Stevens, Vice-Chairman of the Winkle Club explained that the club aims to 'raise money and give it away again to local good causes. It's not hundreds of thousands of pounds but it's considerably more than usual.'

The Winkle Club was founded by local Hastings fishermen in 1900 to help fund a children's christmas party in Old Town, and has been raising funds for local causes ever since.


2016 was one of the Winkle Club's most successful years

2016 was one of the Winkle Club's most successful years


The club get their name from the shells of the shore-dwelling molluscs that live on the shores of Hastings and are carried by each and every member.

The club plan to announce the local causes that have been awarded grants at their general meeting in April.


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