Hastings to be one of 12 areas involved in a multi million pound education scheme

Published on by Sofi Germanos (writer)

Location(s): Hastings

Hastings has been named one of 12 opportunity areas in a government scheme designed to help disadvantaged children reach their goals

Education Secretary, Justine Greening, has said that Hastings will be part of a £72million scheme that will help disadvantaged children have more opportunities within higher education and jobs, whilst encouraging the business world to give chances to youngsters from all walks of life. 

Hastings, along with 11 other areas in the UK, will have priority access to funded support which includes a Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund, making this beneficial to local organisations that provide young people with the necessary advice for their future aspirations. 

Hastings Works is a ‘people before profit’ organisation in the town centre, that sees young people through a careers consultancy session to get information from them in order to land them their dream job.

Phil Golding, a Learning and Skills Consultant for Hastings Works describes any type of funding as “gold dust” and said: “we’re starting to phone employers and tell them about young people and [ask] if they would take on an apprentice”. 

He added that these employers “need to give them [the young people] a chance, so they can learn skills and an apprenticeship is a good way to bridge that gap”.

A £3.5million programme is also set to be part of the scheme, which will establish Research Schools in all 12 of the opportunity areas.

Ms Greening said: “For Britain to succeed we must be a country where everyone has a fair chance to go as far as their talent and their hard work will allow."

"Education is at the heart of that ambition, and is central to breaking down the barriers to social mobility that too many face in our country today.”


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