MP's need to 'vote against' Brexit trigger, say Pro-EU campaigners

Published on by Crystalle Cox (writer), Crystalle Cox (photographer)

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Pro-EU campaigners have asked Brighton and Hove MP’s to vote against triggering Article 50, which officially starts the process of the United Kingdom leaving the EU.

Petra Kopp, Brighton & Hove for EU campaign organiser, said that those who "voted to leave the E.U. were not aware that it would mean the UK would also be leaving the single market."

The European single market breaks down barriers between EU countries, allowing freedom of movement for goods, services and work. 

According to the Office of National Statistics, 44% of Britain’s exports go to the EU. If the UK leaves the single market, tariffs would need to be paid which, according to statistics, could cost as much as £4.5bn per year.

Petra continued: “My main concern is just trying to make sure that if we leave the EU... everyone has a say in the terms of it. I think that it is essential that the terms of Brexit go in front of Parliament and our MP’s. 

We want associated EU citizenship. Nearly 70% of people in Brighton and Hove voted to remain so we have received lots of support in our campaign.” 

However, Media Officer for UKIP Nigel Charter argues that he thinks “it is bordering on fascism to ignore a national, democratic vote.” 

He said: “Throughout school, people are educated about imports and subsidies which makes them think the EU is a marvellous thing. But as people get older they realise it is dangerous and destroying us. The UK is strong enough to stand alone.”


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