ACS "I Am Me" Project Launch

Published on by Liam Forkes (author), Jada Wright (photographer)

Jennie Addo (left), President of the ACS, and Adam Bailey (right), Vice-President of the ACS (photo: )
Jennie Addo (left), President of the ACS, and Adam Bailey (right), Vice-President of the ACS

The "I Am Me" project, which is being organised by the African-Caribbean Society, was only planned to be run out of the Hastings campus of Brighton University, although has since spread to the other campuses due to heavy popularity.

The campaign has produced a short documentary which talks about instances of discrimination which many students at the University of Brighton have been subject to.

"I Am Me" aims to point out discrimination within the university to ensure that all students feel included and comfortable throughout their studies.

Twenty students from the society have all shared their own experiences, which range from struggling to communicate with other students through to bullying.

ACS President Jennifer Addo said "I started the campaign with the Vice President and the secretary. We went to discuss with Lorraine [Roberts, Student Support and Guidance Tutor] about how we felt. We felt uncomfortable in certain situations and we were having a discussion and then it came to doing something to create awareness.

"I think the project will impact everyone in a positive way because we've made sure it's not just for Hastings campus, it's for the University of Brighton as a whole. We've told our stories in a way where they aren't abusive or aggressive, we are just being raw, truthful, and honest.

Tonight, our voices will finally be heard."

The full documentary will be available to watch for free online soon.

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