Extension of High Speed rail link

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Held at Sussex Coast College on Friday 6th October by MP Amber Rudd, the case for the extension of the rail link was stated by politicians and business leaders.

For over a year now, there has been a lot of uproar from rail commuters and campaign groups over the countries rail networks and the constant disruption made to them and made to the passengers journeys. However, the possibility of a rail link extension comes as great news for the people of Hastings and travelling tourists.

The extension is supposed to become a reality by 2024 at the latest, still leave some commuters in the lurch when travelling to and from London. The estimated time that it takes to get to London at the moment from Hastings is over two hours and for customers who work there this is not good enough.












A lot of changes have already been made to the rail service already but hopefully the extension will make an improvement on peak travel times. The proposed line upgrade would mean that a journey from Bexhill to London King’s Cross Station would only take 78 minutes and from Hastings 68 minutes, a vast improvement from the journey time now.

Stephen Cox, Head of Economics and Social Development growth for Mott MacDonald said: “High Speed Rail could act as a game changer for 1066 country, attracting investment and making the area a more desirable place to work and live”. During the summer months Hastings is a busy town with thousands of tourists visiting each summer, if the rail extension goes ahead it could mean that more people are willing to visit during winter too. It will also come as a blessing to not only the frequent commuters but also trading businesses.




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