First Christian Union in two years at Hastings Campus

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University of Brighton will be hosting their first Christian union to the Hastings campus since 2015; the last Christian union was not popular among students and the student union have been waiting for someone to start it up again.

The student led society will be having a welcome party for new members on the 19th of October. The party will have pizza and good vibes to push forward their main message. A safe space or community to explore and learn more about faith.  The society hopes to reinvent people’s views of what a Christian is and change people’s expectations of the society as in the past it was far from a success.



After the unions appearance at the welcome fair, with over 20 people signing up, this society could be well on their way to success.The head of the union, Laurencia Aning gave us this statement “Universities are one of the hardest places in society to have a religious belief and I think this union could be a really good supportive place for people to explore or strengthen their faith.” Hastings campus is the last of the 5 campuses to have a Christian union and there is a lot of stigma about what the union will do for its students and possibly the community. 

Christian unions across many campuses struggle with trying to recruit members because of the negative representations and stereotypes of unions in the past. More recently students across multiple universities took to popular website called ‘The Student Room’ with the discussion titled “Christian Union Horror stories” with students expressing their own negative experiences and some even referring to past Christian unions as ‘cliquey’ and having ‘narrow-minded’ individuals. Only time will tell how beneficial this union will be for the university.



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