Battery recycling campaign launched across the UK

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Environmental charity Hubbub have teamed up with compliance scheme Ecosurety to launch a recycling campaign for used batteries.


Hubbub are a charity that ‘create environmental campaigns with a difference.’ Previous campaigns include 'neat streets' a campaign designed to tackle the amount of litter on the streets of Britain. 


There are currently over 178 million batteries in UK homes, with millions more ending up in landfill sites. Batteries contain reusable metals such as lead and mercury, which are also hugely damaging to the environment when not disposed of appropriately. 


As part of a survey conducted by the charity, 52% of people admitted to throwing batteries away in the regular waste bin.


 Whilst 47% of people realise that batteries are made up of valuable metals that can be reused. 






Batteries are made up of many metals including lead, magnesium and lithium. Recycling the batteries means these valuable metals can be salvaged and used for other products. 


Statistics also show that in 2016, only 44% of used batteries were collected for recycling. Currently batteries are being taken to a plant in Belgium but this is about to change with the opening of a UK plant in Halifax, Yorkshire.


There are many locations in Hastings alone that offer battery recycling, such as; Poundland, Tesco, Debenhams, Lidl and more. The campaign highlight the fact that many people do not realise where to recycle, or that batteries can be recycled in the first place.


Hastings Borough Council also offer battery recycling services. Batteries placed in a separate carrier bag will be collected along with the regular recycling. This is an example of a local council ramping up their efforts to recycle the batteries, as the campaign picks up speed.


The campaign has the hashtag #Bringbackheavymetal and will be launched next month. 

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