Black Friday Deals hit the UK

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Cyber Monday tends to be deals that only apply to online stores but big retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Curry’s and Asda have been advertising discounts throughout the week.Black Friday is an annual shopping event which first appeared in America. It occurs the day after Thanksgiving Day and is seen as the start of the Christmas shopping season. British retailers have embraced the American custom to offer consumers the best deals in the run up to Christmas.


As with Cyber Monday where online retailers offer deals on products, this year it is estimated that the UK could spend £10bn over the Black Friday period and £2.6bn in a single day, an 8% increase from last year.


There has been an increase of consumers heading online rather than shopping for the best offers in-store. According to predictions by Vouchercodes an estimated 11.6 million shoppers will spend £1.15 billion online, up 15% on 2016.


And with deals such as the 2017 Apple MacBook Air being sold for £849.00 by John Lewis, it is no wonder that Black Friday has taken the UK by storm.


Dino Rocos, Operations Director, John Lewis said: 'Sales on both overnight and into the day itself have exceeded expectations and between 9 and 10am we hit our busiest ever hour for online trade. We expect traffic will continue to the website throughout the weekend, with customers this year favoring the App as a quick and convenient way to shop.’

But with many deals throughout the year, are the black Fridays as good as they seem?


According to consumer group which? many of the Black Friday deals were cheaper or the same price throughout the year being misleading to consumers.


The consumer group tracked prices of products sold in 2016’s Black Friday deals across a whole year to find of the deals were really rock-bottom prices that many shoppers expect.


They found 60% of the Black Friday deal items were available for the same price or cheaper at other times of the year. Many consumers rush to buy products on Black Friday assuming that they won’t be that cheap again for a long period of time. But in fact 46% of the products that they looked at found the items cost the same, or even less in December than they did on Black Friday.


Which? Recommends customers look at the products that they want to purchase before the sale and make a note of the current price. By having a note of the prices before the sales you can check how many black Friday discounts compare to the usual recent selling price.


Another rules would be to be wary of the ‘was prices’ or RRP comparisons as this tends to exaggerate the discount that you are getting. However, which have found instances where the RRP the shop was using to compare the current price against was out of date, so it didn't reflect the current value of the product.

 It is much better for you to check the prices yourself and work out the true value yourself rather than depending on the retailer

It has been advised for consumers to check multiple retailers to check products for their original prices to compare the discounts they offer.









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