Toby Young Resigns From Office of Students

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Toby Young. (photo: )
Toby Young.

Toby Young has resigned from the Office for Students after over 220,000 people signed a petition demanding his dismissal.

Young was appointed to the board last week, although inappropriate tweets made in 2009, including remarks on film director Danny Boyle's wife and towards fellow MPs in the House of Commons, quickly turned public opinion on Twitter.

Young claimed in an article for The Spectator that social media had drawn a "caricature" of him which had resulted in "a distraction from its vital work of broadening access to higher education and defending academic freedom." He thanked the Prime Minister for his appointment and pledged to continue his work promoting free schools.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott tweeted in support of the resignation, saying "He never should have been appointed in the first place #toadmeltdown", however controversial broadcaster Piers Morgan tweeted in support of Young, claiming the "howling Twitter mob" forced him out and that "he would have brought a valuable and distinctive perspective to university education."

His resignation comes after many have criticised the current Government for not doing enough to enforce university standards. In 2017, Parliament voted against raising tuition fees higher than £9,250, and Prime Minister Theresa May has since announced a freeze on tuition fee rises.

The Office for Students is set to merge the Higher Education Funding Access for England and the Office for Fair Access from April 1st 2018, and will work with universities to ensure the highest possible standards are met throughout the country.

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