Government Funds Charity To Attract New Teachers To Hastings

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A £350,000 investment has been announced to encourage professionals to switch from their current careers to become teachers.

Now Teach is a charity set up to help people who have already had a successful career to become teachers. The investment in the charity was announced on 5th January and will be used to help the charity focus on recruiting people and sharing their existing skills in key subjects. 

The Charity currently only focuses on maths, modern foreign languages and science, which are subjects that are currently in high demand for any new recruits. Recent recruits from Now Teach include a former NASA scientist, a hostage negotiator and the head of a hospital trust. 

The investment will allow Now Teach to move into Hastings to attract a broader range of professionals into schools extend its reach across the country.  Now Teach is hosting a launch event on Hastings Pier on 20th January to hopefully recruit possible teachers. 

The recruitment charity was co-founded by Lucy Kellaway in 2016, Kellaway spent 30 years as a journalist on the Financial Times, and nearly 10 as a non-executive director of Admiral insurance. In September 2017 she trained to be a maths teacher. 

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