Flagship Universal Credit Scheme Under Fire Once More.

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The new benefits system was meant to consolidate 6 different forms of benefits into one monthly payment, was originally announced back in 2010.


After 8 years of planning it was launched earlier this year, and deemed a huge failure as recipients of the new system either didn’t receive payments or had to wait over a month for their first payment – this led to many of them ending up in a dire financial situation, with bills unable to be paid and rent payments being missed.


Ester McVey, Work and Pensions secretary said of the delay “Under the process of managed migration, the rollout will be slow and measured, and we will adapt and change as we go.”


It was also revealed this morning that the delay may cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds to ensure recipients don’t miss out on payments whilst the transition is taking place.


In a leaked document released today, plans have been drawn up to continue paying some benefits for two weeks after a claim for Universal Credit has been made. This is to ensure that the people who rely on the handouts the most are able to bridge the gap and should ease the transition into the new system.

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